Business Tax

business tax

What paperwork should your business give to your accountant?

Business Tax Ledger

  • A file or printout of the full general ledger for the year containing all of the year’s transaction.
  • Files that we can work on:
    • If you use MYOB, then a zipped MYOB file could be emailed to us.  Please don’t foget to tell us the password.
    • If you use another product, then an EXCEL spreadsheet of all the transactions in all the general ledger accounts.
    • Failing that, a TXT or PRT file might do, although there may be significant work involved in reformatting the file.
    • Some clients can give us direct remote access to their general ledger system via Windows Remote Desktop Connections.
  • Files we can read:
    • If a computer readable file is not available then a PDF of the full general ledger would be OK.

Financial Statements

  • Balance Sheet at the year end – for most the 30 June or 31 December.
  • Profit & Loss Statement for the full year preceding the balance date – e.g.: 1 July to 30 June
  • Trial Balance as at the year-end date.
  • Last year’s financial statements.


  • Depreciation schedule or fixed asset register showing details of all new acquisitions or disposals of assets.
  • Schedule of Hire Purchase and Lease contracts, showing all the details of new or terminated contracts.
  • Stocksheets for the year end stocktake
  • BAS returns lodged for the year

Cash and Share Investments

  • Bank statements with interest entered as at 30th June
  • Bank reconciliations for each month end
  • Last bank statement for the year
  • Distribution, interest & dividend slips
  • Details of purchases and sales of investments

Rental Properties

  • Details of all rental properties
  • Rent received schedule
  • Property expenses schedule
  • Agent’s statements

Inter-company loan account – movements schedule


  • Wages summary
  • Superannuation
  • PAYG Payment Summaries
  • ETP certificates
  • Motor vehicle log books


  • Bad debts written off
  • Donations
  • Entertainment schedule
  • Insurance schedule
  • Interest paid
  • Legal fees
  • Prepaid expenditure
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Subscriptions

Trade debtors listing, including potential bad debts

Trade creditors listing

Credit card statements

And, anything else you think relevant. We’ll take copies and return all your business tax documents to you.

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