Rental Properties

Rental property tax guide Thinking about buying your first rental property?  Perhaps you’ve started already and are looking to expand your holdings.   Here are 3 valuable tools that will make life easier.

Rental Property Guides and Worksheets

The Rental Property Tax Guide contains a run down on your tax position and highlights a few pitfalls. Click hereto view the Rental Property Tax Guide.

The Rental Property Worksheet is a downloadable spreadsheet that will prove invaluable to you.  Complete the sheet regularly and monitor the performance of your investment.  Keep your accounting costs down by handing over the spreadsheet to us at year end; half the job’s done. Click hereto view and download the spreadsheet.

The Rental Income Worksheet is a shorter form of the spreadsheet and may suit some taxpayers better.  Click hereto view this worksheet.

The Rental Property Expense List is a checklist of the most common expenses incurred by landlords.  The checklist can be used to ensure that you don’t miss any tax deductions. Click hereto view the list.

At May Klye & Associates we can make sure that your holding is in the right structure for you; one that suites your current circumstances, preserving the wealth tied up in the property while minimizing your tax exposure.

If you need some help or advice, phone the office on (03) 9585 7555 and ask for Noel or Amanda orcontact us by email.