Marketing tips – “Sell while you sleep” – Automate the process.

An ‘Auto Respond’ function can help you automate your email marketing by ensuring that every new subscriber to your website is introduced to the most relevant products and services in your range.

When someone signs up to your mailing list via a web page, they should enter a sequence of email campaigns that you’ve set up.

The first in the sequence is the ‘welcome’ email delivered to their inbox minutes after their subscription is confirmed. You should design your welcome email to not only greet the subscriber as a valued reader but also to offer articles and ‘best deals’ links. Each article that is included should be either directly or indirectly related to your product and services range.

The next email that they receive could be your weekly newsletter.

Subscribers receive two newsletters before they’re sent your first promotion. It’s short, sweet and highly relevant – an email dedicated to introducing them to a product and how it will help them.
The next email in the auto-responder sequence, delivered six weeks after sign up, is a ‘one-time only’ email offer of a discount on your flagship product. Fabulous right?

Here’s what you should do to enjoy the same benefits in your business.

  • First check that your email marketing provider offers such a service. Most do.
  • Next, sketch out the auto-responder sequence you want to use. Think about which products or services are most profitable to you and start with those.
  • Use one email to highlight one product or service only.

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