Hate the Tax Paperwork?

income tax paperworkIf you hate the tax paperwork and the thought of preparing your annual income tax return, or your BAS returns, spending nights pulling all your paperwork together and then wondering how much and what to claim, then let us make that problem go away.

Tax Paperwork

Send us your source documents, a spreadsheet or an accounting software file and we’ll prepare the income tax return for you.  We’ll claim all the tax deductions that you’re entitled to and make sure that you don’t claim the ones you’re not.

If all the Australian Taxation Office correspondence confuses you, whether it be Activity Statements, circulars, requests for additional information, or income tax assessments, then we can take care of it for you.  If you hate the tax paperwork, you use us as your Tax Agent; we’ll receive all your ATO mail, we’ll deal with the procedural documents and refer to you only those things that need your input or action. We’ll also offer suggestions on how to resolve the matter.

Need more time to pay your income tax?

The Tax Office offers extensions of time to lodge and pay income tax for clients of Tax Agents.  Utilise our extension programme to make sure that you don’t pay tax any earlier than you need to.

We take the pain out of dealing with income tax paperwork and tax deadlines for you. Fast results; with no pain.

For more information, phone the office on (03) 9585 7555 and ask for Amanda or Noel, orcontact us by email