June 2019 Cash Rate drop. At its June meeting, the Reserve Bank Board decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.25 per cent. The Board took this decision to support employment growth and provide greater confidence that inflation will be consistent with the medium-term target. The […]

Principles you can apply to counting Trading Stock and Fixed Assets Businesses should stocktake on a regular basis, as well as annually at the end of the financial year.  An accurate stock count and subsequent valuation provides accurate figures for the business’ regular management accounts as well as the year-end […]

Here are 30 top tax planning strategies to minimise the tax you pay, and to leave a few dollars in your pocket, not the tax man. All taxpayers are allowed to arrange their affairs in a manner that remains legal but which minimises their taxation liabilities. The 30 strategies are […]

If you are looking to buy a commercial property, you will run across the terms “Going Concern GST exemption”. The seller of the property will most likely have to apply GST to the sale, which will add tens of thousand to what you have to pay. If you are registered […]

Many of Australia’s 2.1 million property investors are still missing out on substantial depreciation deductions each year by failing to maximise or claim depreciation for their rental investments. Changes to depreciation legislation were introduced over a year ago on the 15 of November 2017. While these have impacted some investors, there […]